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Estimate Moving Costs with a Quote from United.

When you request a moving quote from United you can rest assured that we will provide a quote for services that is customized to fit your unique needs and budget.

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We’ll send an experienced moving agent to your home and survey your belongings to estimate their approximate size and weight. Our United agent will consult with you on packing, protection and service options to configure a moving package that fits your needs exactly.

How Are Moving Quotes Calculated?

Move Dates?

The date of your move can affect the cost. For example, moving out on a Monday instead of a Friday could save money, or vice versa.

If there’s a specific date you need to move in, our Premium Service offers a fixed dates, and flexible storage.

How Far?

Distance is one part of the calculation for the cost of your move. We can start your estimate as soon as you have a confirmed destination zip code.

For local moves, the timeline can be shorter. Find an agent near you.

How Much?

An agent will visit your home to get an accurate inventory of your belongings in order to create an In-Home Estimate.

We use the estimated weight of your belongings, along with the number of miles you are moving to create your In-Home Estimate.

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